15A NCAC 03J .0106       CHANNEL NETS

(a)  It is unlawful to use a channel net:

(1)           Until the Fisheries Director specifies by proclamation, time periods and areas for the use of channel nets and other fixed nets for shrimping.

(2)           Without yellow light reflective tape on the top portion of each staff or stake and on any buoys located at either end of the net.

(3)           With any portion of the set including boats, anchors, cables, ropes or nets within 50 feet of the center line of the Intracoastal Waterway Channel.

(4)           In the middle third of any navigation channel marked by Corps of Engineers or U.S. Coast Guard.

(5)           Unless attended by the fisherman who shall be no more than 50 yards from the net at all times.

(b)  It is unlawful to use or possess aboard a vessel any channel net with a corkline exceeding 40 yards.

(c)  It is unlawful to leave any channel net, channel net buoy, or channel net stakes in coastal fishing waters from December 1 through March 1.

(d)  It is unlawful to use floats or buoys of metallic material for marking a channel net set.

(e)  From March 2 through November 30, cables used in a channel net operation shall, when not attached to the net, be connected together and any attached buoy shall be connected by non‑metal line.

(f)  It is unlawful to leave channel net buoys in coastal fishing waters without yellow light reflective tape on each buoy and without the owner's identification being legibly printed on each buoy.  Such identification must include one of the following:

(1)           Owner's N.C. motorboat registration number; or

(2)           Owner's U.S. vessel documentation name; or

(3)           Owner's last name and initials.

(g)  It is unlawful to use any channel nets, anchors, lines, or buoys in such a manner as to constitute a hazard to navigation.

(h)  It is unlawful to use channel nets for the taking of blue crabs in internal waters, except that it shall be permissible to take or possess blue crabs incidental to channel net operations in accordance with the following limitations:

(1)           Crabs may be taken incidental to lawful channel net operations provided that the weight of the crabs shall not exceed:

(A)          50 percent of the total weight of the combined crab and shrimp catch; or

(B)          300 pounds, whichever is greater.

(2)           The Fisheries Director may, by proclamation, close any area to channel net use for specific time periods in order to secure compliance with this Paragraph.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113‑134; 113‑182; 143B‑289.52;

Eff. January 1, 1991;

Amended Eff. September 1, 2005.