(a)  When more than one shot is fired in the same hole and there is any reasonable doubt in the mind of either the seismic agent or the field manager of the party as to the legal depth of the hole after the shot is fired, the hole will be measured for depth before reloading to ascertain that it is the required depth in accordance with the table of charges and depth.

(b)  All 2 x 2's used for survey lines must be clearly stamped with the name of the company using the stakes at approximately three‑foot intervals.

(c)  All holes drilled in geophysical operations in land areas must be filled, by the persons or agency drilling these holes, before leaving the location.

(d)  No explosives shall be discharged within 300 feet of any oyster reef or bed, including any state‑owned natural reefs, or within 300 feet of any dock, pier, causeway or other fixed structure, without written permission signed by the owner and/or lessee of the reef or bed, approved by the department.

(e)  All shot charges suspended in the water by floats shall be of such type and packaged in such manner that same will disintegrate and neutralize in the water within a short time, and any suspended charge which fails to discharge shall be immediately removed from the water if same can, in the opinion of the party chief or manager, be done without endangering the life of any member of the party, but, in no event, shall any such undischarged suspended charge be abandoned without destroying the floats attached thereto.  Where inflated floats are used, all charges will be suspended from dual floats either of which will be capable of retaining the charge at the proper depth.

(f)  Boats, marsh buggies or other types of marsh vehicles must be so used as to cause the minimum disturbance of an injury to lands, waterbottoms, and wildlife and fisheries thereon.  All such vehicles shall be clearly painted or otherwise distinctively marked so as to be easily seen and identified.

(g)  Agents assigned to seismic crews are to be employees of and under the supervision of the department.

(h)  The department on request, will have access to all records, such as shot point location maps, shooters' logs and tracings, but only to the extent necessary to determine that all protective requirements have been complied with.

(i)  The interpretation of these rules by the department will be accepted by the seismic operator and the seismic agent.

(j)  The party chief will instruct the members of his party as to these rules, and to the duty and authority of the department and the seismic agent.

(k)  The party chief will assist the seismic agent to fill out the required form by furnishing all necessary data.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113‑391;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Readopted Eff. August 1, 1982.