(a)  In accordance with information provided in the notice of hearing, any non-party may appear before the Commission at the hearing to offer testimony or submit written evidence for its consideration.

(b)  The Commission shall set the order of presentation and place limits on the testimony of each person who appears before the Commission at the hearing.

(c)  Commission members may ask questions of any person who appears before the Commission at the hearing.

(d)  The Commission shall hold the record open for 20 days after the termination of the hearing for the receipt of written comments.

(e)  All parties shall have the right to present evidence, rebuttal testimony, and argument relevant to the issues.

(f)  A party shall have all oral or written evidence to be presented available on the date of the hearing.  In cases when the hearing time is expected to exceed one day, the parties shall be prepared to present their evidence at the date and time ordered by the Commission.

(g)  The Commission shall serve copies of all orders or decisions on all parties simultaneously.  Any party sending a letter, exhibit, brief, memorandum, or other document to the Commission shall simultaneously serve a copy on all other parties.

(h)  A party need not be represented by an attorney.  If a party has notified other parties of that party's representation by an attorney, all communications shall be directed to that attorney.

(i)  Any non-party offering testimony or other evidence may be questioned by parties to the case and by the Commission.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113-415.1;

Eff. March 17, 2015.