In order for State and local governments to effectively plan for emergency incidents, the applicant or permittee shall provide the following information to the local emergency management coordinator:

(1)           the property street address, or nearest address to the ingress and egress point leading from a public road to the well pad.  If nearest street address is used, "nearest address" shall be designated and the latitude and longitude (in decimal degrees) with a minimum of five decimal places of accuracy and precision using the North American Datum (NAD) of 1983 of the proposed access road entrance at the ingress or egress point;

(2)           the location of nearby occupied dwellings, high occupancy buildings, streams, rivers, watercourses, ponds, lakes, or other natural and artificial bodies of water, and transportation corridors necessary for the development of the plans required by Item (6) of this Rule;

(3)           the emergency contacts for the well site that include the telephone numbers of the applicant or permittee, which can be accessed 24-hours per day;

(4)           identification of the types and quantities of chemicals, fuels, and wastes that will be used at a production facility in accordance with Section .1700 of this Subchapter;

(5)           identification of an emergency well control response contractor, the contractor's contact information, and the estimated time of arrival after dispatch;

(6)           plans for the following minor to catastrophic scenarios:

(a)           Level 4:  A spill onsite that requires a cleanup company to be contracted;

(b)           Level 3:  A spill on other property that requires a cleanup company to be contracted, or an uncontrolled fire adjacent to the site impacting normal operations due to smoke or chemical dispersal;

(c)           Level 2:  A spill onsite that requires a full site evacuation or an uncontrolled explosion or fire onsite that does not involve any wellhead onsite, or loss of well control not involving an explosion or fire; and

(d)           Level 1:  Loss of well control involving an explosion or fire, or incidents requiring the immediate evacuation of the site.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113-391(a)(5)j; 113-391(5)i;

Eff. March 17, 2015.