(a)  The selection of proposed AEC categories was made after several months of consideration by local government, the Coastal Resources Commission, and the Coastal Resources Advisory Council (CRAC).  The act specified the potential AEC categories from which the Commission was to choose a mix of AECs that would most effectively achieve the goals of the Coastal Area Management Act.  Local governments played a major role in the selection process by identifying AEC categories they considered to be appropriate for their jurisdictions.  These recommendations formed the basis for selecting interim areas of environmental concern (IAECs) after which the categories were once again reviewed by the Commission and further narrowed in scope.  Thirteen categories were proposed for final designation.

(b)  As presented in these guidelines, the 13 categories of AECs are separated into four broad groupings.  The broad breakdowns include categories of AECs that are either interrelated components of an ecological system or a collection of AECs with similar management objectives.  The purposes in presenting the material in this manner is not only to create a logical organization, but also to emphasize the relationship of one AEC category to another and the interactive nature of AECs with the total coastal environment.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113A‑124;

Eff. September 9, 1977.