(a)  Any person wishing to undertake development in an area of environmental concern necessary to protect life or endangered structures will notify the Division of Coastal Management or Local Permit Office (LPO) when a possible emergency situation exists.

(b)  The applicant may qualify for approval of work described in this permit after an onsite inspection by the LPO or Division of Coastal Management Field Consultant and upon his findings that the proposed emergency work requires a CAMA and/or Dredge and Fill permit.  The LPO shall issue the permit if the required emergency measures constitute minor development.

(c)  Once the LPO or Consultant determines that the applicant's proposed project may qualify for an emergency permit, he shall consult with the applicant and assist him in preparing an application.  The applicant shall include a sketch showing existing conditions and the proposed work.

(d)  The applicant for an emergency permit must take all reasonable steps to notify adjacent riparian landowners of the application, and prior to receiving a permit will certify by signing the permit the following:

(1)           that a copy of the application and sketch has been served on all adjacent riparian landowners, or if service of a copy was not feasible, that the applicant has explained the project to all adjacent riparian landowners;

(2)           that the applicant has explained to all adjacent riparian landowners that they have a right to oppose the issuance of a permit by filing objections with the local CAMA permit officer or with the Secretary of the Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources;

(3)           that, as to adjacent riparian landowners not contacted, the applicant has made a reasonable attempt to contact them and furnish them with the required information.

(e)  All work authorized by this general permit will cease after thirty days from the date of issuance.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113‑229(cl); 113A‑107(a),(b); 113A‑113(b); 113A‑118.1;

Eff. November 1, 1985;

Amended Eff. May 1, 1990.