(a)  Projects requiring the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit are those which will discharge wastewater from an outlet, point source, or disposal system into the surface waters of the state.

(b)  Modification of Existing Facilities.  Projects in this category generally are those facilities which undergo some sort of modification either to meet current effluent limitations or to improve existing capacities.  Projects falling into this category will be exempted from the CAMA major‑development permit if:

(1)           Modifications are for the purpose of upgrading facilities to meet current effluent limitation standards;

(2)           Modifications are for the purpose of improving existing capacities or providing back up units for existing capacities;

(3)           The modification is for treating waste load types similar to those in the previously permitted activity;

(4)           The final discharge flow which may be associated with such modification remains the same as the discharge flow permitted before modification;

(5)           No additional acreage is necessary for land disposal of dewatered wastes or does not require subsurface pollutant injection;

(6)           No significant land‑disturbing activity is involved.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113A‑103(5)(c); 113A‑118(a);

Eff. March 29, 1978.