15A NCAC 10A .1201      emergency powers

(a)  Upon a finding by the Wildlife Resources Commission that a wildlife disease threatens irreparable injury to wildlife or to the public, the Executive Director shall develop an emergency response plan in consultation with the Governor's office and the State Veterinarian.  The plan may prescribe one or more of the following actions:

(1)           shorten or lengthen harvest seasons;

(2)           prohibit transport of wildlife resources or parts thereof;

(3)           prohibit possession of wildlife resources;

(4)           confiscate wildlife resources;

(5)           revoke licenses or permits;

(6)           expand or restrict daily bag limits, daily creel limits, and possession limits;

(7)           establish mandatory wildlife check stations;

(8)           restrict public access to game lands;

(9)           require prepayment of outside testing costs by persons who desire disease testing of their harvested wildlife resource when such testing is not essential to the objectives of the plan;

(10)         prohibit supplemental feeding or baiting of wildlife;

(11)         prohibit any other activities that aid in the transmission or movement of the disease as determined by the best available science regarding the disease threat;

(12)         implement any other activities necessary to reduce infection opportunities; and

(13)         implement any other requirements necessary to assist in the detection and isolation of the disease.

(b)  The Commission shall inform the public of the actions in the response plan through press releases, postings on the Wildlife Commission web site, letters sent to representatives of sportsmen's groups or other constituents likely to be directly affected, and by employee outreach.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113-134; 113-306(f);

Eff. March 1, 2011.