(a)  When the Wildlife Resources Commission receives notice of suspension of a North Carolina resident's hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges or licenses by a WVC member state that are the result of a conviction or an accumulation of convictions of wildlife violations in one or more states that participate in the WVC, the agency shall determine whether the violation, or accumulation of violations, leading to the suspension could have led to the suspension of rights, privileges, or licenses under G.S. 113. If it is determined that the resident's privileges or licenses would have been suspended under G.S. 113, the resident's licenses, rights, and privileges to hunt, fish, or trap in North Carolina shall be suspended pursuant to Article 22B of G.S. 113 for the same period as imposed by the WVC member state where the violation occurred.

(b)  North Carolina shall communicate suspension information to other member states, using the WVC database. Information may include the following:

(1)           name;

(2)           date of birth;

(3)           last known address;

(4)           violation(s) and convictions upon which the suspension is based;

(5)           scope of the suspension (i.e., fishing, hunting, trapping, all privileges or rights); and

(6)           effective dates of the suspension and term of the suspension.

(c)  In the event documentation of a violation and subsequent license suspension is needed by a member state for license suspension hearings or other purposes, the Wildlife Resources Commission may provide certified copies of the citation or other charging instrument, any arrest or investigation reports, suspension orders, and the disposition of the matter.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113-134; 113-300.7;

Eff. August 1, 2017.