15A NCAC 10B .0301      definitions

As used in this Section, the following definitions apply:

(1)           "Breakaway device" means any device incorporated into a snare or snare component that allows the loop to break open, and an animal to escape completely free of the snare, when a specified amount of force is applied.

(2)           "Collarum™-type trap" means any power-activated snare that is activated when the trigger is pulled and that is designed to capture and restrain the animal by a cable around the neck.

(3)           "Leghold" and "foothold" mean any trap designed to hold an animal by the foot.

(4)           "Loop stop" means a device that is attached to the snare cable to prevent the loop from closing beyond a specified point.

(5)           "Power-activated" means a snare on which the loop closure (speed or direction) is initiated or augmented by some type of powering device (e.g., a spring).

(6)           "Relaxing lock" means a snare lock that allows the snare loop to release constriction pressure on the captured animal when the cable is not taut. 

(7)           "Snare" means any restraining device made from a cable and a locking mechanism.

(8)           "Steel-jaw" means any leghold or foothold trap in which the jaw(s) are made of metal.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113‑134; 113‑291.1; 113‑291.2; 113-291.6;

Eff. January 1, 2011.