(a)  Every fox taken in an area of open season as provided by G.S. 113-291.4 shall be tagged at the scene of taking.

(b)  Every person taking any bobcat or otter in this State, or any foxes under a depredation permit, general statute, rule, or local law that permits taking, shall obtain and affix the appropriate tag to each carcass or pelt before selling or transferring the same to any person or transporting the same for any purpose, except that:

(1)           A person may transport the same from the place of taking to his North Carolina residence and from his North Carolina residence to a fur tag agent or taxidermist's place of business.

(2)           A person may transport the same from the place of taking to the nearest place in this State where the appropriate tag may be obtained.

(3)           The carcass, pelt or mounted specimen is exempt from tagging requirements while in the taxidermist's place of business or after the mount is completed.

(4)           A licensed trapper may take live foxes during any legal trapping season, except foxes taken under G.S. 113-291.4, without tagging them and sell them to a licensed controlled hunting preserve for fox in accordance with G.S. 113-273(g).

No carcass or pelt of any bobcat, otter or fox taken within this State may be removed from the state without an appropriate fur tag having been affixed thereto, except a licensed taxidermist may ship the same to a tannery for processing.  Any carcass or pelt remaining in a person's possession after the end of the season, except those in a licensed taxidermist's place of business or his or her taxidermy preservation facility, shall be properly tagged by him or her within 30 days following the close of such season, provided that no tags shall be shipped from the Commission to a person 23 consecutive days from the close of the season. When the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service repeals its tagging requirements for otter and bobcat this Paragraph shall apply only to tagging foxes.

(c)  In any case where the taking of foxes with weapons or traps and the sale thereof is authorized by local legislation, except live foxes taken by licensed trappers who live-trap foxes for sale during any open season, the hunter or trapper taking any such fox shall, in the absence of a specific provision to the contrary, obtain and affix the carcass or pelt with an appropriate tag before selling or transferring the same to any other person, or transporting the same for any purpose than as authorized by Paragraph (a) of this Rule.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113-134; 113-276.1; 113-291.4; S.L. 1985, chs. 108, 179, 180, 664 and 722;

Eff. November 14, 1978;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2015; August 1, 2010; July 10, 2010; May 1, 2008; July 1, 1994; January 1, 1992; December 1, 1985; October 1, 1980.