15A NCAC 10C .0315      sunfish

(a)  For purposes of this Rule, Sunfish include bluegill, redbreast, redear, pumpkinseed, warmouth, flier and all other species of the sunfish family (Centrarchidae) not specified in 15A NCAC 10C .0305, 15A NCAC 10C .0306 and 15A NCAC 10C .0311.

(b)  There is no daily creel limit for Sunfish, except for waters identified in Paragraph (c) of this Rule.  There is no minimum size limit for these fish.  There is no closed season.

(c)  In the following waters and all their tributaries, the daily creel limit for Sunfish is 30 in the aggregate, no more than 12 of which may be Redbreast Sunfish:

(1)           Roanoke River downstream of Roanoke Rapids Dam;

(2)           Tar River downstream of Tar River Reservoir Dam;

(3)           Neuse River downstream of Falls Lake Dam;

(4)           Haw River downstream of Jordan Lake Dam;

(5)           Deep River downstream of Lockville Dam;

(6)           Cape Fear River;

(7)           Waccamaw River downstream of Lake Waccamaw Dam;

(8)           Lumber River including Drowning Creek; and

(9)           all other public fishing waters east of Interstate 95, except Tar River Reservoir in Nash County.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 113-134; 113-292;

Eff. November 1, 2013.