(a)  No person shall leave any vehicle, boat trailer or other obstruction on any public fishing or boating access area in such a location, position or condition that it will prevent or impede the use by other persons of any ramp or other facility constructed for the purpose of launching or landing boats or fishing.  No person shall leave parked any vehicle, boat, boat trailer or other object at any place on any public fishing or boating access area other than on such place or zone as is designated as an authorized parking zone and posted or marked as such.

(b)  No person shall possess a loaded firearm on any public fishing or boating access area, except that a handgun may be carried by an individual with a valid concealed handgun permit.  The individual carrying a handgun must adhere to the requirements set forth in North Carolina G.S. 14-415.11, even if the state issuing the concealed handgun permit is not North Carolina.  The permission to carry a handgun does not apply to access areas on the following game lands:

(1)           Bladen Lakes State Forest

(2)           Buckhorn

(3)           Butner-Falls of Neuse

(4)           Chatham

(5)           DuPont State Forest

(6)           Harris

(7)           Hyco

(8)           Jordan

(9)           Kerr Scott

(10)         Lee

(11)         Mayo

(12)         Pee Dee River north of U.S 74

(13)         Sutton Lake

(14)         Vance

(15)         the portion of R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell that is located north of U.S. 158 and east of N.C. 119

No person shall operate a vehicle on any public fishing or boating access area in a manner so as to endanger life or property.

(c)  No person, when using any public fishing or boating access area, shall deposit any debris or refuse anywhere on the grounds of the area.  No person, when using any public fishing or boating access area, shall do any act which is prohibited or neglect to do any act which is required by signs or markings placed on such area under authority of this Rule for the purpose of regulating the use of the area.  At any time when all designated parking zones on any public fishing or boating access area are full, any person may enter and use such facilities, provided such person makes other arrangements for parking and violates none of the provisions of this Rule or the signs or markings made or posted pursuant hereto.

(d)  No person shall operate a motorboat in the public waters of North Carolina within 50 yards of a Commission-owned or managed boat launching ramp at greater than "no wake" speed.  For the purpose of this Rule, "no wake" speed means idling speed or a slow speed creating no appreciable wake.

(e)  Except where facilities are provided, it is unlawful to use any boating access area for purposes other than the launching of boats and parking vehicles and boat trailers.  All other uses—including swimming, skiing, camping, building fires, operating concessions or other activities not directly involved with launching of boats—are prohibited, except that those activities including fish weigh-ins and for which a permit has been issued may be conducted, provided that the permit authorizing such activity is available for inspection by wildlife enforcement officers at the time the activity is taking place.

(f)  Except where facilities are provided and approved uses are posted, it is unlawful to use any public fishing area for purposes other than fishing.  All prohibited uses and activities shall be posted including possession of loaded firearms (except as allowed in Paragraph (b) of this Rule), swimming, launching or mooring jet skis or boats, skiing, building fires, operating concessions, or other activities not directly associated with fishing.

(g)  It is unlawful to feed or release animals or birds, domesticated animals and feral animals on public fishing or boating access areas without prior written authorization of the Wildlife Resources Commission.  Written authorization will only be granted to persons acting on behalf of the Commission, to persons conducting scientific investigations or surveys, and for release of rehabilitated wildlife.  Written authorization will not be granted for any feeding or release that is inimical to the conservation of native wildlife resources.  For the purpose of enforcing this Paragraph, "domesticated animals" does not include pets under the control of the owner and raptors or hunting dogs where otherwise permitted for hunting or training purposes.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 75A-14; 113-134; 113-264;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2012; August 1, 2010; May 1, 2009; July 1, 1995; February 1, 1994; September 1, 1992; July 1, 1991.