(a)  Purpose of the construction quality control and quality assurance (CQA) plan.  The CQA plan must describe the observations and tests that will be used before, during, and upon completion of construction to ensure that the construction and materials meet the design specifications and the construction and certification requirements set forth in Rule .0540 of this Section.  The CQA plan must also describe the procedures to ensure that the integrity of the landfill systems will be maintained prior to waste placement.

(b)  For construction of each cell, the CQA plan must include at a minimum:

(1)           Responsibilities and authorities.  The plan must establish responsibilities and authorities for the construction management organization. A pre-construction meeting must be conducted prior to beginning construction of the initial cell, or as required by the permit.  The meeting must include a discussion of the construction management organization, respective duties during construction, and periodic reporting requirements for test results and construction activities;

(2)           Inspection activities.  A description of all field observations, tests and equipment that will be used to ensure that the construction meets or exceeds all design criteria established in accordance with Rules .0539, .0540 and Rule .0543 Paragraph (d) of this Section;

(3)           Sampling strategies. A description of all sampling protocols, sample size and frequency of sampling must be presented in the CQA plan;

(4)           Documentation. A description of reporting requirements for CQA activities; and

(5)           Progress and troubleshooting meetings.  A plan for holding daily and monthly troubleshooting meetings.  The proceedings of the meetings must be documented.

(c)  Purpose of the CQA report.  The CQA report must contain the results of all the construction quality assurance and construction quality control testing including documentation of any failed test results, descriptions of procedures used to correct the improperly installed material, and results of all retesting performed.  The CQA report must contain as-built drawings noting any deviation from the approved engineering plans and must also contain a comprehensive narrative including, but not limited to, daily reports from the project engineer, a series of color photographs of major project features, and documentation of proceedings of all progress and troubleshooting meetings.  

(d)  For construction of each cell, the CQA report must be submitted: 

(1)           after completion of  landfill construction in order to qualify the constructed C&DLF unit for a permit to operate;

(2)           after completion of construction of the cap system in accordance with the requirements of Rule .0543 of this Section; and

(3)           in accordance with the reporting schedule developed in accordance with Paragraph (b) of this Rule.

(4)           The CQA report must bear the seal of the project engineer and a certification that construction was completed in accordance with:

(A)          the CQA plan,

(B)          the conditions of the permit to construct,

(C)          the requirements of this Rule, and

(D)          acceptable engineering practices.

(e)  The Division must review the CQA report within 30 days of a complete submittal to ensure that the report meets the requirements of this Rule.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-294;

Eff. January 1, 2007.