15A NCAC 13B .0566      OPERATIONAL requirements for lcidLFS

The owner or operator of a land clearing and inert debris landfill (site) shall comply with the permit conditions, the plans incorporated into the permit in accordance with Rule .0565(d) of this Section, and the following operational requirements:

(1)           The site shall only accept those solid wastes that it is permitted to receive.

(2)           Solid waste in the landfill shall be compacted. Slopes shall not exceed a ratio of three horizontal to one vertical at any time.

(3)           All waste shall be covered with no less than six inches of soil monthly, or when the working face reaches one acre in size, whichever occurs first. Any soils used for cover at the site shall meet unrestricted use standards for soils as defined in G.S. 130A-310.65.

(4)           Areas that will not have additional wastes placed on them for three months or more, but where final termination of disposal operations has not occurred, shall be covered with no less than one foot of soil cover sloped to direct the flow of surface water from the landfill, and stabilized with vegetative ground cover or other stabilizing material. The Division may require further action to correct any condition that the Division determines may be injurious to the public health, or a nuisance to the community.

(5)           erosion control measures, structures, or devices shall be utilized to prevent silt from leaving the site and to prevent on-site erosion, and shall comply with 15A NCAC 04.

(6)           The site shall be secured by barriers such as gates, chains, berms, and fences to prevent unauthorized access. An operator shall be on duty at all times while the site is open for public use to assure compliance with operational requirements and to prevent acceptance of unauthorized wastes.

(7)           Access roads shall be of all-weather construction and shall be maintained to allow access by vehicles transporting waste, Department staff, and fire-fighting vehicles.

(8)           Surface water shall be diverted from the working face and shall not be impounded over waste.

(9)           Solid waste shall not be disposed of in water.

(10)         Fire Protection and Control.

(a)           Open burning of solid waste is prohibited, unless approval has been obtained from the Division, the local government, and the Division of Air Quality in accordance with 15A NCAC 02D .1900 prior to any burning activity.

(b)           Hot ashes, cinders, and waste that is smoldering, smoking, or burning shall not be disposed of in the landfill. The waste screening procedures described in the operations plan in accordance with this Rule shall address identification and rejection of this waste.

(c)           The owner or operator shall provide equipment on-site to control fires and make arrangements with a local fire protection agency to provide fire-fighting services.

(d)           The owner or operator shall provide verbal notification to the Division of fires that occur at the site within 24 hours of the fire and shall submit written notification to the Division within 15 days of the fire. The notification shall include the site name and permit number; the date and time of the fire; actions taken by the owner or operator in response to the fire; the cause of the fire; the location and size of the fire; the type and amount of waste that caught fire; a plan of action to prevent fires in the future; the name and title of the person submitting this information; and the date the information is submitted.

(11)         The concentration of explosive gases generated by the site shall not exceed:

(a)           twenty-five percent of the lower explosive limit for the gases in site structures; or

(b)           the lower explosive limit for the gases at the property boundary.

The Division may require quarterly monitoring of explosive gases if it is necessary to determine compliance with this Item. If the Division requires monitoring, the Division shall provide written notice of the requirement to the owner or operator.

(12)         Leachate shall be contained and managed on-site.

(13)         The site shall comply with 15A NCAC 02L for the protection of groundwater quality, and the surface water quality standards established in 15A NCAC 02B.

(14)         A sign shall be posted at the site entrance showing the site contact's name and phone number, the permit number, emergency contact information, and the waste types accepted for disposal at the site.

(15)         Inert debris waste accepted at the site shall be placed within the permitted landfill footprint unless it is being processed for recycling or reuse. Inert debris waste shall not be placed as beneficial fill as defined in Rule .0562 within the site buffer areas or elsewhere on the property unless stated in the site permit.

(16)         The owner or operator shall submit to the Division upon written request any information or records required to be kept under the conditions of the permit or the rules of this Section.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A‑294;

Eff. January 4, 1993;

Readopted Eff. January 1, 2021.