Land Clearing and Inert Debris (LCID) landfills shall meet the following operational requirements:

(1)        Operational plans shall be approved and followed as specified for the facility.

(2)        The facility shall only accept those solid wastes which it is permitted to receive.

(3)        Solid waste shall be restricted to the smallest area feasible and compacted as densely as practical into cells.

(4)        Adequate soil cover shall be applied monthly, or when the active area reaches one acre in size, whichever occurs first.

(5)        120 calendar days after completion of any phase of disposal operations, or upon revocation of a permit, the disposal area shall be covered with a minimum of one foot of suitable soil cover sloped to allow surface water runoff in a controlled manner. The Division may require further action in order to correct any condition which is or may become injurious to the public health, or a nuisance to the community.

(6)        Adequate erosion control measures, structures, or devices shall be utilized to prevent silt from leaving the site and to prevent excessive on site erosion.

(7)        Provisions for a ground cover sufficient to restrain erosion must be accomplished within 30 working days or 120 calendar days upon completion of any phase of landfill development.

(8)        The facility shall be adequately secured by means of gates, chains, berms, fences, etc. to prevent unauthorized access except when an operator is on duty.  An attendant shall be on duty at all times while the landfill is open for public use to assure compliance with operational requirements and to prevent acceptance of unauthorized wastes.

(9)        Access roads shall be of all-weather construction and properly maintained.

(10)      Surface water shall be diverted from the working face and shall not be impounded over waste.

(11)      Solid waste shall not be disposed of in water.

(12)      Open burning of solid waste is prohibited.

(13)      The concentration of explosive gases generated by the facility shall not exceed:

(a)        Twenty-five percent of the lower explosive limit for the gases in facility structures.

(b)        The lower explosive limit for the gases at the property boundary.

(14)      Leachate shall be properly managed on site through the use of current best management practices.

(15)      Should the Division deem it necessary, ground water or surface water monitoring, or both, may be required as provided for under Rules .0601 and .0602 of this Subchapter.

(16)      A sign shall be posted at the facility entrance showing the contact name and number in case of an emergency and the permit number. The permit number requirement is not applicable for facilities not requiring an individual permit.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A‑294;

Eff. January 4, 1993.