(a)  The operator of a MSWLF unit shall maintain and operate the facility according to the operation plan prepared in accordance with this Rule.

(1)           Existing MSWLF units.  The operator of an existing MSWLF unit shall meet the following requirements.

(A)          The operation plan shall be prepared as the information becomes available.

(B)          The operation plan shall be completed and submitted on or before April 9, 1994.

(C)          The operation plan shall describe the existing phase of landfill development through the final receipt of wastes established in accordance with Subparagraph (c)(10) of the Rule .1627.

(D)          The operator of an existing MSWLF unit which will reach permitted capacity prior to October 9, 1996 as set forth in the effective permit shall:

(i)            Complete the operation plan and submit five copies to the Division at least 60 days prior to reaching permitted capacity; and

(ii)           Receive at least partial approval from the Division as set forth in Part (d)(2)(B) of Rule .1603 in order to continue operation of the existing MSWLF unit.

(2)           New MSWLF units and lateral expansions.  The operation plan shall be submitted in accordance with Rules .1617 and .1604(b)(2)(P) of this Section.  Each phase of operation shall be defined by an area which will contain approximately five years of disposal capacity.

(b)  Operation Plan.  The owner or operator of a MSWLF unit shall prepare an operation plan for each phase of landfill development.  The plan shall include drawings and a report clearly defining the information proposed for the Division approved plan.

(1)           Operation drawings.  Drawings shall be prepared for each phase of landfill development.  The drawings shall be consistent with the engineering plan and prepared in a format which is useable for the landfill operator.  The operation drawings shall illustrate the following:

(A)          Existing conditions, including the known limits of existing disposal areas;

(B)          Progression of construction cells for incremental or modular construction;

(C)          Progression of operation, including initial waste placement, daily operations, transition contours, and final contours;

(D)          Leachate and stormwater controls for active and inactive subcells;

(E)           Special waste areas within the MSWLF unit;

(F)           Buffer zones, noting restricted use; and

(G)          Stockpile and borrow operations.

(2)           Operation report.  The report shall provide a narrative discussion of the operation drawings and contain a description of the facility operation that conforms to the requirements of Rule .1626 of this Section.

(3)           The operation plan for an existing MSWLF unit shall include:

(A)          The facility's programs set forth in Parts (1)(f), (2)(b), and (4)(b) of Rule .1626;

(B)          A Sedimentation and Erosion Control plan which incorporates adequate measures to control surface water run-off and run-on generated from the 24-hour, 25-year storm event;

(C)          Operation drawings that illustrate annual phases of development which are consistent with the minimum and maximum slope requirements set forth in Subparagraph (c)(3) of Rule .1627;

(D)          The remaining permitted capacity approved by the Division prior to October 9, 1993, and calculated from October 9, 1993 using reasonable methods, data, and assumptions; and

(E)           Documented closure of the landfill unit(s) which stopped receiving waste before October 9, 1991.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-294;

Eff. October 9, 1993.