15A NCAC 13C .0301      DEFINITIONS

Words or phrases used in the rules in this Section that are defined in G.S. 130A, Article 9 shall have the meaning provided therein. The following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

(1)           "Applicant" means an environmental consulting or engineering firm seeking Department approval to act as a Registered Environmental Consultant.

(2)           "Applicant RSM" means an individual proposed by an applicant to fill the role of Registered Site Manager.

(3)           "Registered Environmental Consultant" or "REC" means an environmental consulting or engineering firm approved to implement and oversee voluntary remedial actions pursuant to G.S. 130A-310.9(c).

(4)           "Registered Site Manager" or "RSM" means the person or persons approved by the Department to manage all site activities and make certifications on behalf of the Registered Environmental Consultant in its role as consultant to remediating parties for implementation and oversight of a voluntary remedial action pursuant to G.S. 130A-310.9(c).

(5)           "Remediating Party" means site owner, operator, or responsible party engaging in a voluntary remedial action pursuant to G.S. 130A-310.9(c).

(6)           "Request for Approval" means the application and qualifications documentation package that must be submitted by an environmental consulting or engineering firm to the Department so that the Department may determine an applicant's eligibility to operate as a Registered Environmental Consultant. The Department shall make available a form that complies with Rule .0303 and .0304 of this Section for submission of such information.

(7)           "Sensitive Environments" means State or federal designated park, monument, wilderness area, preserve, wildlife refuge, or wetland; State or federal lands designated for game management, or the protection of natural ecosystems; or habitat for State or federally designated endangered species.

(8)           "Sensitive Populations or Property Uses" means residential property, schools, day care facilities, geriatric centers, State or federally designated historical sites, or parks owned or maintained by a unit of local government.

(9)           "Source Area" means any area of sludge, soil, sediment, or other solid medium contaminated by a release of one or more hazardous substances.

(10)         "Voluntary Remedial Action" is a remedial action as defined in G.S. 130A-310(7), conducted voluntarily by a remediating party, and undertaken with the approval of the Department pursuant to G.S. 130A-310.9(c).


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-310.12(b);

Eff. April 1, 1997;

Readopted Eff. July 1, 2020.