(a)  To qualify for Department approval as an REC, an applicant shall complete and submit a sworn Request for Approval form, available from the Department, demonstrating that the applicant meets the requirements contained in this Section.  The Request for Approval form shall set forth the qualifications of all persons the applicant wishes to qualify as RSMs.

(b)  Applicants shall supply the names and telephone numbers of previous government and industry clients and copies of actual work products to verify experience, if requested by the Department.  The Department may require applicants to supply additional information to clarify that provided on the Request for Approval form.  Those applicants not complying with such requests shall not be approved to perform work pursuant to the rules in this Section.

(c)  An REC shall promptly notify the Department if the nature of its business changes, if it no longer meets the requirements for approval under this Section due to change in personnel, or for any other reason, or if it discovers that any information it submitted in any Request for Approval is or was incorrect.

(d)  Should a Department-approved RSM leave the employment of an REC or change employment within an REC, an REC shall, no later than 30 days prior to the change, submit the name and qualifications of another person to perform the role of the RSM.  If an REC does not receive 30 days notice by an RSM of the RSM's intended change in employment, the REC shall notify the Department within 24 hours of the RSM providing such notice and within 30 days of the RSM's notice to the REC, submit to the Department the name and qualifications of another person to perform the role of the RSM.  The Department shall determine whether the proposed replacement qualifies as an RSM.  An REC may propose amendments to its approval as an REC to add or delete RSMs.

(e)  The Department shall notify applicants in writing whether they are approved to conduct business as an REC.  No applicant may represent itself, or work, as an REC without written Department approval.

(f)  An REC's approval shall be valid for five years unless revoked earlier by the Department.

(g)  The Department shall make available to the general public a list of all approved RECs.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-310.12(b);

Eff. April 1, 1997.