Any ultraviolet unit which provides the required treatment and desired results may be used for the purification of water to be used in the depuration process.  The unit shall be designed to deliver, at peak load, at least one gallon per minute of treated water per bushel of shellfish, measured by an approved measuring device or method.

(1)           Cautions and maintenance.  Ultraviolet tubes shall be checked for intensity on a monthly basis and shall be replaced when they reach a point of 60 percent efficiency.  A log of intensity shall be kept and an orderly numbering procedure for units and bulb established.

(2)           Ultraviolet tubes and reflectors shall be cleaned as necessary.  Cleaning may be done with a clean damp cloth or sponge.

(3)           Signs stating "Ultraviolet Light Danger to Eyes ‑ Do Not Look at Bulbs Without Eye Protection" shall be displayed in full view of personnel and authorized visitors.  Skin protection, especially for the face and hands, shall be provided for personnel monitoring the bulbs.  Eye protection may be accomplished by use of ordinary glasses with solid side pieces or special goggles made for this purpose.  Protection for the head may be afforded by a hat and hand protection may be accomplished by the use of gloves.  Face protection may be afforded by the use of certain clear plastics.

(4)           An automatic shutoff switch shall be provided to break the electric current, this shutting off the current to the ultraviolet bulb when the lid of the ultraviolet unit is raised.

(5)           A clock, off‑on current recorder, or other device approved by the Division, shall be installed in line with all ultraviolet units to measure continuity of operation as well as to measure bulb life.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A‑230;

Eff. February 1, 1987.