(a)  All multi‑use eating and drinking utensils shall be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each usage.

(b)  All kitchenware and food‑contact surfaces of equipment, exclusive of cooking surfaces of equipment, used in the preparation or serving of food or drink, and all food storage utensils, shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use.  Cooking surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned at least once each day.  All utensils and food‑contact surfaces of equipment used in the preparation, service, display or storage of potentially hazardous foods shall be cleaned and sanitized prior to each use.  Non‑food‑contact surfaces of equipment shall be cleaned at such intervals as to keep them in a clean and sanitary condition.

(c)  Necessary facilities shall be provided and used for the cleaning and sanitizing of utensils and equipment.  All such utensils and equipment shall then be stored so as to drain, dry and be protected from splash, dust, or contamination.  In‑place cleaning of fixed equipment shall be accepted when found effective.

(d)  Hand dishwashing facilities shall consist of an approved three‑compartment sink of adequate size and depth, with hot and cold water service for each vat, and drainboards on each end of ample size to accommodate the number of eating and drinking utensils involved.  When hot water is used for sanitizing, a booster heater of adequate capacity shall be provided to maintain a water temperature of at least 170 degrees F. in the third compartment.

(e)  A separate sink with drainboards on each end shall be provided where necessary for the washing of pots, pans, and vegetables.

(f)  If a dishwashing machine is provided, the capacity shall be adequate to handle the number of utensils to be washed.  The machine shall be fitted with a drainboard of ample size on each side; and the dirty dish lane shall be provided with a counter‑sunk sink, or other effective means for the pre‑cleaning, pre‑flushing, or pre‑soaking of the utensils.

(g)  All cloths used by workers in the kitchen shall be clean. Single service containers shall be used only once.

(h)  No polish or other substance containing cyanide or other poisonous material shall be used for the cleaning or polishing of eating or cooking utensils.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 153A‑226;

Eff. February 1, 1976;

Readopted Eff. December 5, 1977.