15A NCAC 18A .2531      WADING POOLS

(a)  Wading pools shall meet all design specifications for swimming pools and wading pools included in Rules .2512 through .2530 of this Section with the following exceptions:

(1)           Wading pools shall be physically separate from other public swimming pools except that a fill pipe and valve from a swimming pool recirculation system may be used to introduce water to a wading pool.

(2)           Every wading pool shall be equipped with a circulation system that is separate from, and independent of, the circulation system of the swimming pool.  Such circulation system shall at least consist of a circulating pump, piping, a filter, a rate-of-flow meter, a disinfectant feeder, two inlets, and one automatic surface skimmer.  Individual components of a wading pool system must meet the criteria of Rule .2518 of this Section.

(3)           The capacity of the circulation system shall be capable of filtering and disinfecting the entire volume of water in the wading pool 12 times in every 24 hours.

(4)           Wading pools shall be equipped with a surface overflow system capable of removing floating material.

(5)           Wading pools shall be no deeper than 24 inches (61 cm) at the deepest point.

(6)           Wading pools' floor slope shall not exceed one foot in 12 feet.

(7)           Wading pools shall be located in the vicinity of the shallow end of the swimming pool, and shall be separated from the swimming pool by a fence or structure similar to that described in Rule .2528 of this Section, that shall be equipped with self-closing and positive self-latching closure mechanisms, and shall be equipped with permanent locking devices.  Wading pool entrance gates located inside another public swimming pool enclosure shall open away from the deeper pool.  Wading pool fences constructed after April 1, 2000 shall be at least four feet high.

(8)           Wading pools shall be designed to provide at least 10 square feet per child.

(9)           Depth markers are not required at wading pools.

(10)         The free chlorine residual in wading pools shall be maintained at no less than two parts per million.

(11)         Wading pools are not required to provide the lifesaving equipment described in Rule .2530(a) of this Section.

(b)  Children's activity pools shall be constructed and operated in accordance with the rules of this Section including the requirements for wading pools with the following exceptions:

(1)           The filter circulation system shall be separate from any feature pump circulation system.

(2)           The filter circulation system for stand-alone children's activity pools shall filter and return the entire water capacity in no more than one hour and shall operate 24 hours a day.

(3)           The disinfectant residual in children's activity pools shall be maintained at a level of at least two parts per million of free chlorine measured in the pool water and at least one part per million in all water features.

(4)           Valves shall be provided to control water flow to the features in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications.

(5)           Children's activity pools built prior to February 1, 2004 that do not comply with this Paragraph may operate as built if no water quality or safety violations occur.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-282;

Eff. May 1, 1991;

Amended Eff. May 1, 2010; February 1, 2004; April 1, 1999; January 1, 1996.