(a)  Water recreation attractions including water slides, wave pools, rapid rides, lazy rivers and other similar features can deviate from the requirements of this Section with respect to pool profile, depth, freeboard, flow dynamics and surface skimming systems.  The designing engineer or equipment manufacturer shall provide the Department with information to justify such deviation as necessary for the proper function of the attraction.  Water recreation attractions shall meet all other requirements of this Section.

(b)  Water slide landing pools with a capacity of less than 60,000 gallons shall have a circulation and filtration system capable of turning over the entire pool capacity every two hours.  Where automatic chemical controllers are used the turnover time shall be no more than three hours.  Landing pool dimensions shall be consistent with the slide manufacturer's recommendation.

(c)  When waterfalls are incorporated in water recreation attractions, they shall be constructed with no handholds or footholds to a height of four feet to discourage climbing.

(d)  Interactive play attractions shall be constructed and operated in accordance with the rules of this section and shall comply with the following:

(1)           The recirculation system shall contain a water capacity equal to at least three minutes of maximum flow of all feature pumps and filter circulation pumps combined and shall not be less than 1,000 gallons.  Where the water capacity exceeds 10,000 gallons, the minimum capacity shall be based on the lesser of three minutes of maximum feature flow or 7.5 gallons per square foot of splash zone watershed drained to the surge container.

(2)           Access shall be provided to the surge water container.

(3)           A filter circulation system shall be provided and shall be separate from the feature pump system except that both systems can draw water from a common drain pipe if the drain and pipe are sized to handle the flow of all pumps without exceeding the flow velocities specified in Rule .2518 of this Section.

(4)           The filter circulation system shall draw water from the surge container through a variable height surface skimmer and a bottom drain located no more than 6 inches from the bottom of the container.  Custom skimming systems that do not comply with ANSI/NSF Standard 50 shall be approved where the operational requirements make it necessary to deviate from that standard.

(5)           The filter circulation system shall filter and return the entire water capacity in no more than 30 minutes and shall operate 24 hours a day.

(6)           Automatic chemical controllers shall be provided to monitor and adjust the disinfectant residual and pH of the water contained in the system.

(7)           The disinfectant residual in interactive play attractions shall be maintained at a level of at least two parts per million of free chlorine.  Chlorine feeders shall be capable of producing 12 parts per million of free chlorine in the filter circulation piping.

(8)           Valves shall be provided to control water flow to the features in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

(9)           Splash zones shall be sloped to drains sized and located to remove all feature water to the surge tank without water accumulating on the surface.

(10)         Deck or walkway space is not required outside the splash zone.

(11)         Dressing and sanitary facilities shall be provided.

(12)         Interactive play features shall not be required to have a fence except the wading pool fence requirements shall apply to interactive play features located inside a swimming pool enclosure.

(13)         The safety provisions of Rule .2530 of this Section shall not apply except a sign shall be posted prohibiting pets and glass containers.

(14)         Interactive play attractions built prior to April 1, 2004, that do not comply with these design and construction requirements shall be permitted to operate as built if no water quality or safety violations occur.

(e)  Training pools shall meet the requirements for swimming pools with the following exceptions:

(1)           Training pools shall be equipped with a filter circulation system that filters and returns the entire pool capacity in no more than two hours.

(2)           The free chlorine residual in training pools shall be maintained at no less than two parts per million.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-282;

Eff. April 1, 1999;

Amended Eff. March 1, 2004.