Child care centers that are licensed to offer care to children pursuant to 10A NCAC 09 .2400, shall comply with all rules in this Section except as follows: 

(1)           Prior to starting a program for mildly ill children, the child care operator shall request an inspection from the local health department.

(2)           Drinking fountains shall not be used.

(3)           Toilet fixtures, potty chairs, utility sinks, tubs and showers shall be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

(4)           Lavatories shall be of a hands-free design or equipped with single-lever faucets.

(5)           Cloth diapers shall not be used.

(6)           Individually labeled moist towelette containers shall be provided for each child in diapers.

(7)           Caregivers shall wear clean disposable gloves when changing each diaper.

(8)           Moist towelettes shall not be used in lieu of handwashing for children who cannot support their heads.

(9)           A 36-inch separation shall be maintained or partitions shall be placed between beds, cots and mats to minimize contact among children.

(10)         Furniture shall be nonabsorbent.

(11)         Thermometers and mouthable toys shall be cleaned and sanitized between uses by different children.  Soft, cloth material toys may be brought from home if labeled for use by an individual child.  If soft toys are provided by the center, they shall be sanitized between uses by different children.

(12)         Caregivers for mildly ill children shall not prepare food in the kitchen or serve food to well children.

(13)         Family style food service is prohibited.

(14)         Carpeted floors are prohibited.  Throw rugs may be used if laundered when contaminated and at least weekly.  Floors contaminated by body fluids shall be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

(15)         Caregivers shall wash hands in accordance with the procedures in Rule .2803(c) before leaving the area designated for mildly ill children.

(16)         All waste shall be disposed of in a plastic-lined, covered receptacle.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 110‑91;

Eff. January 1, 2006.