(a)  Lavatories shall be sized and located to comply with the appropriate handwashing requirements of this Section, easily cleanable, in good repair, and kept free of storage.

(b)  All lavatories and bathing facilities shall be equipped with hot and cold running water through mixing faucets except that automatic mixing faucets or pre‑mixing devices which provide water at the temperature specified in Rule .3315(e) of this Section may be provided.

(c)  Lavatories shall be cleaned and sanitized as needed and at least on a daily basis.  A solution of 100 ppm chlorine or other approved methods shall be used for sanitizing.

(d)  Soap and disposable towels or heated air hand drying device shall be provided at every handwash lavatory area.

(e)  Handwash signs shall be posted at each employee handwashing lavatory.

(f)  If bathing facilities or hydrotherapy equipment are provided, they shall be kept clean.  Bathing equipment which has contact with participant's skin shall be cleaned with a detergent and an EPA listed Germicidal disinfectant between participant uses.  Manufacturer’s instructions shall be followed for cleaning equipment with pumps.  A supply of cleaning and disinfectant agents shall be accessible to bathing areas.  Chemical test kits shall be used to test the concentration of disinfectants mixed on site.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-235;

Eff. August 1, 2002.