15a ncac 18a .3319††††† CLOTHING AND CLOTHING CHANGING

(a)† Clothing changes shall be done in restrooms or other areas designated for that purpose.

(b)† Clothing Changing surfaces shall be smooth, nonabsorbent, easily cleanable and shall be approved by the Department.

(c)† Clothing Changing surfaces shall be kept free of storage and shall be cleaned with a mild solution of water and detergent and sanitized after each changing.† A solution of 100 ppm chlorine or equivalent methods approved by the Department shall be used for sanitizing.† A testing method or kit shall be available and used daily to measure sanitizer concentration and insure compliance with the minimum prescribed strength.† These solutions shall be used from hand pump spray bottles which are labeled to identify the contents.

(d)† Each clothing changing area shall include a handwash lavatory.

(e)† The use of disposable gloves by caregivers during the clothing changing process is required if the worker has cuts or sores on hands or chapped hands. †Gloves shall be discarded after use.

(f)† Caregivers may dispose of feces in the toilet, and soiled clothing shall be placed in a tightly closed plastic bag or other equivalent container approved by the Department and sent daily to the participantís home or a laundry area to be laundered.† Clothing shall not be rinsed except where a utility sink is provided for that purpose.

(g)† Only pre‑moistened towelettes or paper towels shall be used for cleaning participants during the changing process.† Soiled paper or towelettes shall be discarded after use in a covered plastic‑lined receptacle.

(h)† Soiled disposable diapers shall be placed in a cleanable, plastic‑lined, covered container and removed to an exterior garbage area at least daily.

(i)† Whether or not disposable gloves are used, caregivers shall wash their hands after each individual clothing change in accordance with Rule .3328 of this Section.

(j)† Participant's hands shall be washed in the lavatory after each individual clothing change in accordance with Rule .3328 of this Section.


History Note:††††††† Authority G.S. 130A-235;

Eff. August 1, 2002.