15a ncac 18a .3323      PERSONNEL

(a)  Employees shall wear clean outer clothing and shall be clean as to their person and methods of foodhandling and participant care.  Employees shall keep their fingernails clean and trimmed.

(b)  Hair nets, caps, or similar hair restraints shall be worn by employees engaged in the preparation or service of food.  Hair spray, barrettes, or visors are not considered an effective hair restraint.

(c)  Tobacco use in any form is prohibited in the food preparation area.  Smoking shall be prohibited in building areas occupied by non-smokers.

(d)  Persons with a communicable disease or a communicable condition shall be excluded from situations in which transmission can be reasonably expected to occur, in accordance with Communicable Disease Control Measures under 15A NCAC 19A .0200.  Any person with boils, sores, burns, infected wounds or other potentially draining lesions on the face, neck, hands, lower arms or other exposed skin shall bandage affected area to eliminate exposure to drainage.  If exposure to drainage cannot be eliminated or proper handwashing cannot be maintained, then the employee shall be excluded from the adult day service facility while the condition exists.

(e)  Volunteer personnel shall adhere to the same requirements in these Rules as employees.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-235;

Eff. August 1, 2002.