(a)  Any person who becomes ill at the adult day service facility and is suspected of having a communicable disease or communicable condition shall be separated from the other participants until leaving the facility.

(b)  Each adult day service facility shall include a designated area for a person who becomes ill.  When in use, such area shall be equipped with a bed, cot or mat and a vomitus receptacle.  All materials shall be sanitized after each use.  Linens and disposables shall be changed after each use.

(c)  If the area is not a separate room, it shall be separated from space used by other participants by a partition, screen or other means approved by the Environmental Health Specialist to minimize exposure of other participants to a person who is ill.  This designated area shall be proximate to a toilet and lavatory, and where health and sanitation measures can be carried out without interrupting activities of other participants and staff.  Ill people shall not be allowed in areas where food is prepared or handled.

(d)  Facilities providing adult day health services shall have a treatment room which is separate from areas used for storage and handling of food.  The treatment room shall have a hand sink or have a doorway which connects it to a room containing a sink.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-235;

Eff. August 1, 2002.