(a)  No person shall operate a primitive experience camp within the State of North Carolina who does not possess a valid primitive experience base camp permit and a permit to operate issued by the Department. No permit to operate shall be issued until an evaluation by an environmental health specialist shows that the establishment complies with the Rules of this Section.

(b)  The local health department shall review the operations plan and the facilities to determine compliance with the Rules of this Section.  Once approved the local health department shall issue a permit to operate for the camp.

(c)  Upon transfer of ownership or change of operation upon which the original permit was issued the responsible person shall notify the local health department within 72 hours.

(d)  At least 30 days prior to permitting the responsible person shall submit a plan of operation to the local health department to determine compliance with the Rules of this Section.  The plan shall include the following:

(1)           Scheduled dates of operation.

(2)           Number of campers and staff expected each session.

(3)           Description of general activities and programs the primitive experience camp will be offering each session.

(4)           Description of how food will be stored, prepared, transported and protected.

(5)           Proof of approved food service training required in Rule .3515(a) of this Section.

(6)           Description of how potable water will be made available, protected, treated and transported at base camp and in the field.

(7)           Description of how solid waste will be contained and disposed.

(8)           Methods of all sewage waste disposal.

(e)  Any modifications or changes to the approved plan of operation shall be submitted in writing for approval to the local health department at least 30 days prior to change.

(f) Primitive experience camps that operate six months or less per calendar year and do not offer activities, programs, services or food to the public for pay during the remainder of the year shall also be required to obtain a seasonal permit for each operating season.  No primitive experience camp required to pay a fee in accordance with G.S. 130A-248 (d) shall pay more than one annual fee unless the permit has been revoked.

(1)           Primitive experience camps shall submit a seasonal permit application at least 45 days prior to the opening session. The seasonal permit shall include the dates of operation and shall expire six months from the first date of operation.  Primitive experience camp management shall provide written documentation to the local health department that the following items have been complied with prior to opening:

(A)          All equipment necessary for food temperature maintenance is operational and clean.

(B)          Utensils and equipment have been cleaned and sanitized.

(C)          The cooking and lodging areas shall be clean and free of vermin harborages.

(D)          All camp facilities are in good repair and clean.

(E)           The operating plans for the season specified in Paragraph (d) of this Rule have been submitted. 

(2)           The local health department shall conduct an evaluation at least 30 days prior to the scheduled opening day of camp to verify the water system is in compliance with Rule .3508 Water Supply, of this Section.  If the local health department is unable to meet the water sampling requirement, then the camp shall submit a water sample to a certified lab.  Results shall be submitted to the local health department. 

(g) Transitional permits shall not be issued to Primitive experience camps.

(h) The Department may impose conditions on the issuance of a permit to operate.  Conditions may be specified for one or more of the following areas:

(1)           The number of persons served per session.

(2)           The categories of food served.

(3)           Modification or maintenance of water supplies, water use fixtures and sanitary sewage systems.

(4)           Use of facilities for more than one purpose.

(5)           Continuation of contractual arrangements upon which basis the permit was issued.

(6)           Submission and approval of plans for renovation.

(7)           Any other conditions necessary for the primitive experience camps to remain in compliance with the Rules of this Section.

(i)  A permit may be suspended or revoked in accordance with G.S. 130A-23.  A permit to operate shall not be issued after revocation or suspension until the camp has been reinspected and determined to be in compliance with the Rules of this Section.  A reinspection shall be conducted within 30 days, after the request is made by the operator, administrator or other responsible party.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-248;

Eff. May 1, 2004.