15A NCAC 18A .3611      solid wastes and by-products disposal

(a)  In Resident Camps, all solid wastes containing food scraps and other decomposable material shall, prior to disposal, be kept in leak-proof, non-absorbent containers such as garbage cans, which shall be kept covered with tight-fitting lids when filled or stored, or not in continuous use.  Lids shall be kept in place, except for cans inside the kitchen, which are being used during normal operations.  The contents of these cans without lids in place shall be removed when the garbage can becomes full, or when flies and foul odor occurs, and the cans shall be washed.  Storage racks elevated above the ground are required for outside storage of garbage cans.  All dry rubbish (including scrap paper, cardboard or similar items) shall be stored in containers.

(b)  The rooms, enclosures, designated areas and containers shall be adequate for the storage of all solid wastes accumulating on the premises.  Cleaning facilities, including a mixing faucet with hose threads, shall be provided and each container, room or designated area shall be cleaned after emptying or removal of wastes. 

(c)  Indoor or outdoor facilities shall be provided for the washing and storage of all garbage cans and mops.  Cleaning facilities shall include combination faucet, hot and cold water, threaded nozzle and curbed impervious pad sloped to drain.

(d)  Where containerized systems are used for garbage storage, facilities shall be provided for the cleaning of such systems with a dumpster pad sloped to drain into a sewer system and hot and cold running water available for cleaning.  Alternate methods can be used for off-site cleaning by having a contract with a waste management company that will take the dumpster or containerized system to an off-site location for cleaning.  A contract for off-site cleaning shall constitute compliance with this provision and evidence of such contract shall be made available within 21 days to the Environmental Health Specialist upon request.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-235; 130A-248;

Eff. October 1, 2007.