(a)  In Resident Camp food service, all employees shall wear clean outer clothing and shall be clean as to their person and methods of food handling.  No employee shall use tobacco in any form while engaged in the washing of eating and cooking utensils or in the preparation, handling or serving of food.

(b)  Employees shall wash their hands in a lavatory which meets the requirements of Rule .3634 of this Section before starting work, after each visit to the toilet, and as often as may be necessary to remove soil and contamination.

(c)  Effective hair restraints such as hairnets, caps or wrap around visors shall be worn by employees engaged in the preparation or handling of food to prevent the contamination of food or food contact surfaces.  Wigs and hairspray do not constitute compliance with this Rule.  This Rule does not apply to employees who only serve beverages, set tables, or participate in family dining-table type of service if they present a minimal risk of contaminating exposed food.

(d)  No person who has a communicable or infectious disease that can be transmitted by foods, or who is a carrier of organisms that cause such a disease, or who has a boil, infected wound, or a disease with sudden onset and severe symptoms including cough and nasal discharge, shall work in food service in any capacity in which there is a likelihood of such person contaminating food or food contact surfaces, with disease-causing organisms or transmitting the illness to other persons.

(e)  Employees may have beverages in areas where food is prepared as long as those beverages are covered and consumed in a sanitary manner.  Beverage containers shall not be stored on or above a food contact surface and must be handled in a manner to avoid cross-contamination.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-235; 130A-248;

Eff. October 1, 2007.