(a)  Unless specified elsewhere in the rules in this Section, every resident camp kitchen shall be provided with toilet facilities located within 500 feet and readily accessible to employees and campers during all operational hours.  Toilets for campers shall be so located that the campers do not pass through the kitchen to enter the toilet rooms.  Intervening rooms or vestibules, if provided, shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with this Rule.  Floors and walls shall be constructed of non-absorbent, washable materials.  Floors, walls and ceilings shall be kept clean and in good repair.

(b)  Signs shall be posted to advise campers and staff of the locations and identities of the toilet rooms.  Legible signs that read that employees must wash their hands before returning to work shall be posted conspicuously in each employee's toilet room.

(c)  Toilet rooms shall be provided with self-closing doors and kept free of flies.  Windows shall be screened if used for ventilation. Toilet rooms shall not be used for storage of food, utensils or equipment.  Self-closing doors are not required for toilet rooms that open into the interior of a building and the exterior doors of the building are self-closing.

(d)  Fixtures shall be kept clean and in good repair.

(e)  All wastewater shall be disposed of in accordance with 15A NCAC 18A .1900 or 15A NCAC 02H .0200. 


History Note:        Authority G.S. 130A-235; 130A-248;

Eff. October 1, 2007.