15a ncac 27 .0301         APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION

(a)  Applicants seeking certification as a well contractor shall:

(1)           submit an application for the level of certification being sought on forms provided by the Commission as set forth in Paragraph (b) of this Rule;

(2)           submit the required fee as set forth in Rule .0201 of this Chapter;

(3)           complete a field observation for Level A applicants; and

(4)           pass the examination for the level of certification being sought as provided in Section .0400 of these Rules.

(b)  The form to apply for certification as a well contractor can be found online at and shall include the following information:

(1)           the applicant's name;

(2)           last four digits of applicant's social security number;

(3)           contact information, including home, employer and mailing addresses;

(4)           educational information, including proof of completion of coursework as provided in Paragraph (g) of this Rule;

(5)           employment information, including proof of experience as provided in Paragraph (f) of this Rule; and

(6)           stamp and signature of a notary.

(c)  Applicants for certification must be at least 18 years of age.

(d)  A photograph of the applicant shall be obtained by the Commission prior to issuance of certification.

(e)  If an applicant fails to pass the examination within three consecutive attempts or within a one year period of time after application submittal, whichever expires first, a new application shall be required. An applicant who has failed the examination after three consecutive attempts shall obtain eight CEUs as set forth in Rule .0820 of this Chapter prior to resubmittal of an application for certification.

(f)  Proof of full-time equivalent experience as specified in Rule .0702 of this Chapter in level specific well contractor activities obtained within seven years prior to application submittal or previous certification by examination at a comparable or higher level, shall be demonstrated by providing one of the following:

(1)           payroll records and an affidavit on a form provided by the Commission from at least one currently North Carolina certified well contractor who has not committed any violation of either 15A NCAC 02C, this Chapter, or any county well ordinance within the past two years, attesting that the applicant has been working in well contractor activities under the supervision of a certified well contractor of the desired level or higher;

(2)           proof of previous certification by examination as a well contractor in North Carolina at a comparable or higher level, such as the applicant's previous certification number;

(3)           a letter of good standing from another state's well contractor licensing or certification organization showing the applicant has not violated well construction or licensing rules of that State in the past five years; or

(4)           any other proof that demonstrates the applicant has received a level of instruction in well construction techniques and practices appropriate for the level being sought.

(g)  The Commission shall approve a course of study with a program and educational materials meeting technical aspects of well construction. The course of study shall provide needs-to-know education for the level being sought. The experience requirements for an applicant may be reduced up to three months and the Level A field observation may be waived for successful completion of the course to be determined on a case-by-case basis considering the length of the course and material covered.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 87-98.5; 87‑98.6; 87‑98.9; 87-98.12; 87-98.14; 143B‑301.11;

Temporary Adoption Eff. December 15, 1998;

Eff. August 1, 2000;

Codifier determined that findings did not meet criteria for temporary rule on July 12, 2002;

Temporary Adoption Eff. September 12, 2002;

Amended Eff. May 1, 2011; May 1, 2008; August 1, 2004;

Readopted Eff. January 1, 2018.