(a)  Upon approval by the SBE, the Department will send a request for textbooks, together with a proposed contract, to all publishers listed in the Textbook Company Register, requesting the submission of textbooks that conform to the requirements specified in the request and the proposed contract.

(b)  The SBE will adopt textbooks and award contracts based on the following criteria:

(1)           recommendations of the Textbook Commission;

(2)           conformity with the request for the textbooks and the proposed contract;

(3)           conformity with the Standard Course of Study and Competency Based Curriculum;

(4)           price; and

(5)           the needs of the public schools.

(c)  The SBE reserves the right to reject any and all textbooks for any reason it deems sufficient.

(d)  Each publisher that is awarded a contract must file a performance bond.  The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall determine the amount of the bond based on the costs of the textbooks, the publisher's past performances, and such other factors as the Superintendent determines to be relevant.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 115C‑89;

Eff. March 1, 1990.