16 NCAC 06F .0104          CRITERIA FOR REVIEW

(a)  The interagency advisory council on community schools reviews applications according to the following criteria:

(1)           definite statement of goals and objectives specifically related to the purposes of the Community Schools Act;

(2)           specific, clearly defined program plans which include:

(A)          the recruitment, training and use of volunteers as stated in the act;

(B)          the involvement of community schools advisory councils throughout the program's existence;

(C)          the involvement of agencies in program planning and implementation so as to avoid duplicating or competing with programs offered by other agencies; and

(D)          the maximum use of school facilities by individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies;

(3)           a locally developed evaluation plan to measure the impact of the program; and

(4)           the community schools program budget.

(b)  The interagency council makes recommendations to the superintendent, who presents all proposals to the SBE for final approval.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 115C‑206;

Eff. July 1, 1986.