16 NCAC 06G .0307         ASSISTANCE TEAMS

(a)  When performing its duties under G.S. 115C-105.38, each assistance team appointed by the SBE shall act in an advisory capacity to local school personnel, local school boards, and the SBE.

(b)  Local boards of education and local school employees shall cooperate with assistance teams in the performance of their duties.

(c)  Members of the assistance teams shall be subject to all confidentiality requirements that apply to local school employees.

(d)  In the event of a disagreement between the assistance team and the school improvement team, the assistance team may request help from the central office and the local board of education.

(e)  In carrying out its duty to evaluate employees, members of the assistance team shall:

(1)           be familiar with and follow the provisions of G.S. 115C-326;

(2)           use the appropriate form of the performance evaluation for the category of personnel being evaluated, such as teachers, support personnel, and administrators;

(3)           share its evaluation and recommendations with each employee and the employee's supervisor; and

(4)           notify the SBE of the evaluations for an employee who receives two consecutive evaluations by the assistance team that include findings and recommendations regarding the employee's inadequate performance.

(f)  An assistance team that is assigned by the SBE to a low-performing school may at any time recommend to the SBE that a teacher, assistant principal, director, or supervisor be dismissed or demoted for one or more of the grounds established in G.S. 115C-325(e)(1). The SBE shall provide written notice to the employee of the grounds for the recommendation for dismissal or demotion.

(g)  In reviewing evaluations of a local school employee, the SBE may deem the evaluations of the assistance team to supersede previous evaluations of the employee.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 115C-12(9)c4;

Eff. January 2, 1998.