(a)  An issuer offering or selling LPO securities shall contact the Securities Division to arrange and attend a conference with staff of the Division before advertising, offering, or selling securities. The contact may be made by either calling the Division or emailing the Division at secdiv@sosnc.gov.

(b)  The issuer and the staff shall discuss the criteria for claiming the Exemption and how the issuer plans to ensure that it is eligible, and remains eligible, to claim the Exemption.

(c)  The notice of compliance shall not be issued by the Administrator pursuant to Rule .2015(1) of this Subchapter until the conference required in Paragraph (a) of this Rule has occurred.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 78A-17.1(a)(5); 78A-17.1(f); 78A-49(a); 78A-49(d); 78A-64; S.L. 2016-103, s.4.(a);

Eff. April 1, 2017 to expire on April 1, 2021.