19A NCAC 02B .0145      COPIES OF FORMS

The following list contains forms which are used in the application of this Section to obtain information or forms that the individual must fill out to complete necessary action.  Copies of these forms may be obtained from the Manager of Right of Way, Division of Highways at no cost.

(1)           Proposal and Contract for Rodent Control.  This form is a contract that is to be completed by the contractor if someone wishes to bid on a rodent control contract.  It will contain the parcel number on the project, the address of the property, and the contractor will fill in the amount of money in order for him to complete the contract.  The form is to be signed by the contractor.

(2)           Management Agreement.  This form is used by the Division of Highways to set up a contract with a management firm or individual for the renting of properties owned by the Department of Transportation.  This form will contain the individual parcels, the agent involved, the amount of commission to be charged, and other items pertaining to the management of the property.

(3)           Rental Agreement.  This form is an agreement that is between the individual renter and the Department of Transportation for the rental of property or buildings owned by the Department of Transportation.  This form will contain the former owner's name, where the property is located, the amount of the rent, and other information pertaining to the rental of the property.

(4)           Bid Form for Sale and Removal of Buildings and Other Improvements From the Right of Way.  This form is used by the Department of Transportation where buildings are purchased or retained by a property owner in the clearing of buildings from the right of way.  This form will contain the description of the improvement to be sold, who it was formerly owned by, and the individual bidding or buying the property must sign it.

(5)           Proposal and Contract Forms.  These proposal and contract forms are used for work to be performed by others such as demolition, or housemoving.

(6)           Contract Bond.  There are two separate forms used by the Department of Transportation for individuals to complete in supplying a performance and payment bond for any work that requires a contract bond.  These forms will be completed by the individual and companies supplying the contract bonds.

(7)           Proposal and Contract for Grave Removal.  This form is used to outline the specific requirements in the removal of graves from a highway project.

(8)           Bid Form.  This form is to be used for the bidding on real property which the Department of Transportation might sell.  This could be used for residue properties or transfer of properties to another individual in the settlement of a claim.

(9)           Removal of Graves Certificate.  This form is used to allow the contractor who is removing graves on a highway project to complete the agreement for grave removal.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 136‑18(2); 136‑19; 143B‑350(f),(g);

Eff. July 1, 1978;

Amended Eff. November 1, 1991.