(a)  Property use designated as special commercial in Rule .0602 of this Section shall require study to a greater depth than other commercial property uses due to the possibility of greater traffic generation.  As a result, a four-week review period shall be required by the Department.  The permit shall be submitted sufficiently in advance of the planned construction date to allow for this review period.  The different types of property uses that come under this heading are:

(1)           Shopping centers with one or more adjoining commercial or service establishments planned or constructed;

(2)           Residential developments;

(3)           Recreational facilities;

(4)           Office buildings or complexes containing more than 200 parking spaces;

(5)           Hospitals or large medical facilities;

(6)           Industrial developments;

(7)           Airports;

(8)           Civic Centers;

(9)           Other uses which can be expected to attract large amounts of traffic (Average Daily Traffic greater than 1,000 vehicles per day); and

(10)         Any development located at high volume or high accident locations, which are locations having a history of accidents.

(b)  In addition to the items required on the permit application as specified in Rule .0602 of this Section, the following items of information, with the exceptions noted, must be shown on the site plans before the application can be considered:

(1)           a complete plot plan showing the buildings and parking space layouts (not necessary for new public streets);

(2)           the proposed driveway locations and widths;

(3)           the approximate distances between the following items:

(A)          driveway centerline to centerline of nearest crossroad;

(B)          driveway centerline to existing or proposed crossovers;

(C)          driveway centerline to adjacent streams or bridges;

(D)          pavement edge of road to right of way; and

(E)           width of adjacent roads.

(c)  In the absence of local zoning or subdivision ordinances, the developer shall present four copies of the site plans to the District Engineer at least four weeks prior to the planned construction date.

(d)  Where local zoning or subdivision ordinances exist, the developer shall submit five copies of the site plans to the local planning body.  The local planning body, after tentative approval of the plan, shall forward four copies of the plans to the Division Engineer.  The Division Engineer shall take the necessary action and inform the developer and the local planning body of the results of the investigation conducted by the Department.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 136‑18(5); 136‑89.50; 136‑89.51;

Eff. April 3, 1981;

Amended Eff. January 1, 1995; December 29, 1993; July 1, 1981;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. September 6, 2016.