(a)  Guidelines for the design and construction of curb cuts and ramps are available from the Highway Design Branch, Division of Highways, Raleigh, North Carolina  27611.

(b)  The guidelines are not intended as precise specifications for the design and construction of curb cuts and ramps.  Sound engineering judgment shall be used to preserve the primary features of the guidelines.

(c)  The city, county or State having jurisdiction shall require conformance with the statutes (G.S. 136‑44.14) prior to permitting the encroachment for the construction or prior to acceptance of the street onto its system.

(d)  The responsibility for providing the curb cut and ramp and all work necessary to comply with the applicable laws and rules shall lie with party which either causes an existing curb to be cut, or causes a new curb to be constructed.


History Note:        Legislative Objection (a) Lodged Eff. August 19, 1980;

Legislative Objection (a) Removed Eff. April 23, 1981;

Authority G.S. 136‑44.14(c);

Eff. July 1, 1978;

Amended Eff. December 1, 1993; April 3, 1981; April 11, 1980.