For Class "A" or "B" driver's license:

(1)           Companies desiring authorization to certify road test for their employees must meet the following qualifications:

(a)           Employees must be applicants for a Class "A" or "B" license, either original or renewal.

(b)           Company must make application to the Division for company certification approval.

(c)           Company must appoint a safety officer and an examiner.

(d)           Transporting people or property in a motor vehicle must be an essential part of the company's operation.

(e)           Company must operate motor vehicles of the type requiring a Class "A" or "B" license.

(2)           Companies approved for the program will be assigned a certification number to be used on all certificates issued to their employees. One number will be assigned to each company and this number is to be used by the examiner at any of his companies' offices or terminals.  The company number as well as the signatures of the company safety officer and the examiner must appear on the road test certificate.  Each company shall report to the Division, by the tenth of each month, all employees certified by their examiner during the preceding month.  Negative reports are not required.

(3)           The duties and requirements of a company examiner are as follows:

(a)           The company examiner shall be a full‑time employee.

(b)           The examiner shall have a valid driver's license of the class for which he conducts road tests.

(c)           The examiner's application for certification must be endorsed by the company safety officer and approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

(d)           The examiner must sign a statement attesting to, or demonstrate to a designated Division of Motor Vehicles' official, his ability to operate a motor vehicle of the type for which he is conducting road tests.

(e)           The examiner shall determine that the applicant has a valid learner's permit of the proper class.  Out‑of‑state employees holding a valid license comparable to the type applied for do not have to have a learner's permit.

(f)            The examiner shall place the approval form in a sealed envelope and instruct the applicant to deliver the envelope, unopened, to a driver's license examining station within 30 days.

(4)           An applicant whose license renewal card reflects a driving record indicating the need for a road test may be certified by a company examiner.  Reflection of the need for a road test is indicated by an asterisk (*), adjacent to the letters RT appearing on the renewal card.

(5)           Any company road test certification inadvertently issued to a person whose license is in a state of suspension or revocation shall be returned to the Division of Motor Vehicles with a note of explanation to the issuing company.

(6)           Recertification is required when a company safety officer or company examiner changes employment.  The Division must be notified within 15 days when either the safety officer or the examiner is terminated or changes places of employment.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20‑7(c); 20-39;

Eff. June 5, 1981;

Amended Eff. December 1, 1993; July 1, 1981.