(a)  Before a temporary marker can be issued by a dealer the following conditions must be met:

(1)           Ownership in the vehicle must pass from the dealer to the purchaser by assigning the title or Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin and by delivering the vehicle to the buyer.

(2)           Dealer has obtained from purchaser an application for registering and titling of the purchased vehicle.

(3)           Dealer has collected all prescribed fees for titling and registering the vehicle.

(4)           Dealer has certification (Form FR‑2) certifying liability insurance in effect.

(5)           Exception.  Subparagraphs (a)(2) and (3) of this Rule do not apply when the dealer is selling the vehicle to an out‑of‑state purchaser and the vehicle is to be removed from the State of North Carolina to the purchaser's home state prior to the expiration of the 30‑day temporary registration marker.  Form FR‑2 (Insurance Certification) shall be completed and kept by the dealer as part of his records.

(b)  Procedure for issuance of 30‑day temporary markers:

(1)           All 30‑day temporary markers shall be issued in numerical order, beginning with the lowest number of the set or sets.

(2)           The vehicle identification number, the make, the issuance date, and the expiration date shall be entered clearly and indelibly on the face of the temporary marker.

(3)           A receipt, which corresponds in number with the 30‑day temporary marker, shall be issued.

(4)           The receipt shall be completed in duplicate, with pen and ink, and must be legible.

(5)           The white copy of the receipt, with the 30‑day marker, shall be delivered to the purchaser.  The pink copy is to be retained in the book by the issuing dealer for at least one year.

(6)           All documents necessary to title and register the vehicle shall be presented to a license plate agency or mailed to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles within four working days from date of issuance.  When the purchaser is a nonresident, a 30‑day temporary marker may be issued to the nonresident for the sole purpose of removing the vehicle to his home state, provided the customer has in effect liability insurance with a company licensed in North Carolina.  The dealer is neither required to obtain from such nonresident a written application for North Carolina registration nor to collect the North Carolina registration fees.  However, Form FR‑2 shall be completed and kept by the dealer as part of his records.  If a plate is to be transferred, a 30‑day temporary marker cannot be issued.  All required information shall be recorded on the report sheet in the back of receipt book.

(7)           All 30‑day temporary markers and receipts that are voided shall be marked "void" and recorded on the report sheet.  The white copy of the receipt and the 30‑day temporary marker shall be forwarded to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles Enforcement Section together with the report sheets.  Receipts and 30‑day temporary markers that do not match shall be returned to the Division after recording on report sheet. The receipt is not to be altered.

(8)           Only one 30‑day temporary marker may be issued per vehicle per sale.

(9)           Upon issuance of all receipts (Markers) in each receipt book, the report sheet must be completed in duplicate and the original mailed to the Division.  A copy of the report sheet must be retained by the Dealer for one year.

(10)         All 30‑day temporary markers are non‑transferable between dealers.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20‑39; 20‑79.1;

Eff. June 1, 1988;

Amended Eff. January 1, 1994; October 1, 1991; October 1, 1989.