(a)  No application for appointment as a safety equipment or safety equipment exhaust emissions inspection station or self-inspector shall be approved unless the requirements are met as set out in this Section.

(b)  To become a North Carolina Safety Inspector, an individual must attend and pass an eight-hour Safety Inspection Course offered by a North Carolina Community College.  An individual must pass a written examination with a score of no less than 80% correct answers.  An additional eight-hour Emissions Inspection course is required if the individual desires to be licensed as an Emissions Inspector.  This certification process requires­ that a person have the ability to read and write.  No oral exams shall be given as allowed in CFR 51 Part 40.

(c)  Based upon the application and the results of investigations made, each applicant shall be approved or disapproved for licensing.  Each applicant approved shall be notified by mail and furnished without charge the appropriate station license or inspection mechanic license.  Inspection station licenses shall be valid only for the place of business set forth in the application.  Each inspection station shall notify the Division of the name and inspection license number of each inspection mechanic the station employs prior to allowing the inspection mechanic to perform any inspections at that station.  The notice shall be on a form supplied by the Division and shall be endorsed by the station owner and the inspection mechanic.  The notice shall be submitted to the Division by personal delivery to the local Division inspector or by registered or certified mail addressed to the Division's district office for the district in which the station is located.  If any licensed inspection mechanic leaves the employment of a safety equipment station the inspection station shall notify the local Division inspector of that fact in writing within three days after the inspection mechanic's employment is terminated.  An inspection mechanic license shall be valid only for the person in whose name it is issued.  Upon request, the inspection mechanic shall present his license to any Division inspector who is conducting an audit of the mechanic or the station at which the mechanic is employed.

(d)  No Safety Inspection Station shall inspect any gasoline powered vehicle of a 1975 model year or newer excluding the initial year model if the vehicle is registered or based in a county participating in the exhaust emission inspection program unless the station has an exhaust emission analyzer to conduct exhaust emissions inspections. Owners of vehicles registered in a county participating in the exhaust emission program but based and ope­rated outside the county may request in writing on forms furnished by the division an exemption from the exhaust emission inspection.  The forms requesting an exemption shall contain a certification to the effect that the vehicle for which the exemption is requested is registered in an emission inspection county but is permanently based and operated exclusively outside of the county in which it is registered.  The Division shall approve and issue a written exemption for the vehicle upon receipt of an exemption request form that is signed by the vehicle owner.  A new exemption shall be requested and approved in accordance with this Rule for each inspection period. Safety Inspections stations may conduct the safety equipment inspection in the regular manner. Vehicles exempted from exhaust emission inspection because they are based outside of the county participating in the exhaust emission program must have a copy of the approved exemption form in the vehicle at all­ times.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-2; 20-39; 20-183.3; 20-183.4;

Eff. October 1, 1994.