(a)  Posting information:

(1)           Each station shall display in a conspicuous place the following:

(A)          Official Safety Equipment or Safety Equipment Exhaust Emissions Inspection Procedure Poster;

(B)          Safety Equipment or Safety Equipment Exhaust Emissions Inspection Station License;

(C)          All inspection mechanic licenses issued by North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles;

(D)          On the outside of its building or immediately adjacent thereto a sign in block letters at least four inches in height bearing the words: OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION.

(2)           Station licenses shall be posted in a frame under glass.

(b)  Periodic Requirements for Licensed Inspection Mechanic.  At reasonable times, licensed inspection mechanics may be periodically required by authorized law enforcement officers of the Division to demonstrate knowledge pertaining to the Safety Equipment or Safety Equipment Exhaust Emissions inspections in the presence of any such authori­zed officer.

(c)  Location.  Inspections shall be conducted only at the location shown on the inspection station's license and only in the designated inspection area.  Trailers may be inspected outside of inspection area as long as they are attached to the engine unit.

(d)  Vehicle presented to be inspected.  Each station shall inspect any vehicle presented for inspection according to the year model, and type of engine except as provided in this section or when exempted from the emissions inspection by a waiver issued by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or his designated agent.

(e)  Repairs.  Inspection stations shall not in any manner attempt to require owners or operators of disapproved vehicles to have the vehicles repaired at the inspection station.  The repairs necessary for approval may be made at any place chosen by the owner or operator of the vehicle.  Permission must be obtained before making any repairs or adjustments.  Requiring unnecessary repairs is prohibited.

(f)  Hours of operation.  Each licensed public station must be open for at least eight normal business hours, five days per week.  Official State holidays are excepted.  A licensed inspection mechanic shall be on duty to conduct inspections during the hours specified.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-2; 20-39; 20-183.4;

Eff. October 1, 1994.