19A NCAC 03D .0530      DISAPPROVAL

If a vehicle inspected is disapproved, the inspection mechanic at the end of the total inspection shall advise the owner or operator of the defect or defects found during the inspection.  Repairs may only be made at the request of the owner/operator.  Upon completion of authorized repairs, the inspection mechanic shall follow the certification process.  If the owner or operator requests the repairs to be made at some other location, then the inspection mechanic conducting the inspection shall:

(1)           Complete the "Receipt and Statement" showing the vehicle was "disapproved" and signed by the inspection mechanic.

(2)           Collect fees as prescribed in G.S. 20-183.7.

(3)           After giving the owner or operator the original copy of the "Receipt and Statement" explain to the owner/operator he has 30 days to bring the vehicle back to the inspection station for reinspection at no charge when the vehicle was disapproved for either safety or emissions defects.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-2; 20-39; 20-183.4D; 20-183.5;

Eff. October 1, 1994.