19A NCAC 03D .0533      LIGHTS

(a)  Headlights shall conform to the requirements of G.S. 20-129(b) and (c).  Headlights shall not be approved if:

(1)           There are not at least two headlamps (at least four on dual headlamp systems which require four units) on all self-propelled vehicles except that motorcycles and motor driven cycles need only one.

(2)           The lens produces other than a white or yellow light.

(3)           Any lens is cracked, broken, discolored, missing, or rotated away from the proper position, or any reflector is not clean and bright.

(4)           The high beam-low beam dimmer switch does not operate properly or the high beam indicator light does not burn on vehicles manufactured after January 1, 1956.

(5)           Lights can be moved easily by hand, due to a broken fender or loose support, or if a good ground is not made by the mounting.

(6)           Foreign materials (such as shields, half of lens painted) are placed on the headlamp lens that interferes with light beam of lamp.

(7)           Lights are improperly aimed.  (A light testing machine or light testing chart shall be used to determine this.)

(8)           Lights project a dazzling or glaring light when on low beam.

(b)  Rear Lights shall conform to the requirements of G.S. 20-129(d).  Taillights shall not be approved if:

(1)           All original equipped rear lamps or the equivalent are not in working order.

(2)           The lens is cracked, discolored, or of a color other than red.

(3)           They do not operate properly and project white light on the license plate.

(4)           They are not securely mounted.

(c)  Stoplights shall conform to the requirements of G.S. 20-129(g).  A stoplight shall not be approved if:

(1)           The lens is cracked, discolored or of a color other than red or amber.  Minor cracks on lenses shall not lead to disapproval unless water is likely to short out the bulb.

(2)           It does not come on when pressure is applied to foot brake.

(3)           It is not securely mounted so as to project a light to the rear.

(d)  Vehicles shall have the lights as required by G.S. 20-129.1.

(e)  Parking lights shall conform to the requirements of G.S. 20-134.  A vehicle shall not be approved if parking lights are not working.

(f)  Back-Up Lamps.  Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not more than two back-up lamps either separately or in combination with other lamps but any such back-up lamp shall not be lighted when the motor vehicle is in a forward motion nor shall the back-up lamp emit any color other than white.  A back-up lamp is not a mandatory requirement.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-2; 20-39; 20-183.3;

Eff. October 1, 1994.