(a)  The business may include a charge to its customer for a replaced windshield sticker of the actual amount paid to the Motor Vehicle Division for such sticker.

(b)  Inspection stickers:

(1)           Acquisition.

(A)          Orders for inspection stickers may be placed with a local agent of the Enforcement Section. Requests for safety inspection stickers must be accompanied by remittance in the amounts required in G.S. 20-183.7.  Orders for stickers shall be placed in units of 50.

(B)          Orders placed for inspection stickers shall be on forms prepared by the Division and shall bear the signature of the owner, partner, officer of the corporation or an authorized representative. Such forms shall upon request be furnished by the Division.  The stickers shall be delivered in a manner determined by the Division.

(C)          All businesses authorized to replace windshield inspection stickers shall keep a supply of inspection stickers and numeral inserts on hand at all times.

(2)           Application of Sticker:  The inspection sticker shall be placed on the new windshield at the bottom of the left side so that the left edge of the sticker is no more than one inch from the left side of the windshield.  Prior to affixing the inspection sticker the appropriate numeral inserts indicating the month and year the vehicle was previously inspected shall be attached.  The person plac­ing this sticker on the new windshield shall enter on such sticker in the appropriate spaces the same date of inspection, odometer mileage and inspection station's registration number as that shown on the sticker attached to the windshield removed.  At the space marked "Inspected By" the registration number assigned to the business replacing the windshield and the initials of the person affixing the sticker shall be entered.  This information shall be entered on th­e sticker with a ball point pen or a laundry marking pen.  Glass/plastic windshields require a platform to prevent damage to the windshield.  The inspection sticker shall be affixed to the platform.  When the sticker is removed it shall be self voiding.

(3)           Control:

(A)          All businesses authorized to replace windshield inspection stickers shall be held strictly accountable for inspection stickers in their possession.  Any such business losing or not accounting for any inspection stickers shall be subject to revocation or suspension of their registration to replace windshield inspection stickers.  Stickers shall be locked in a safe place to guard against loss or theft.

(B)          Upon discovery of a loss or theft of any inspection stickers the person registered must as soon as practicable report such loss or theft to the Enforcement Section, Motor Vehicles Building, 1100 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27697.  Oral reports shall be made upon discovery of loss or theft by the quickest means available to the local Enforcement Inspector.

(C)          Businesses registered to replace windshield inspection stickers shall not furnish, give, loan or sell inspection stickers to any other registered business, inspection station, self-inspector or any other person.

(D)          Inspection stickers shall not be transferred or reissued.  They may only be affixed to the vehicle as designated on the inspection report sheet and only when the windshield has been replaced by the person registered.

(E)           Each registered business shall protect stickers from larceny or damage and no refund shall be allowed for stolen, soiled, lost or torn stickers and the count of the Division for returned stickers shall be accepted as final.  An account must be made for all unused stickers.  Refund shall be made for unused stickers upon termination of registration of such place of business.

(F)           All inspection supplies, unused stickers, copies of receipts and statements pertaining to the issuance of stickers, all bulletins and all forms issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles pursuant to the carrying out of this program are the property of the Division of Motor Vehicles and must be treated as such by the person registered.  Upon suspension or revocation of any registration issued to a business to replace windshield inspection stickers or whenever any person registered voluntarily surrender­s such registration or ceases to do business, all items held by such person registered in carrying out this program shall be surrendered to the Division of Motor Vehicles.  Such items shall be inventoried by the designated agent of the Division of Motor Vehicles and shall be receipted upon surrender.

(4)           Requirements and Records:

(A)          Monthly report forms.  Each registered windshield replacement station shall maintain at the station a monthly report sheet listing the beginning and ending numbers for each series of stickers placed on windshields upon forms furnished by the Division.  This report shall be completed in duplicate and the original forwarded to the Enforcement Section, North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, 1100 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27697, monthly on or before the 10th of the month following the month for which it was completed.  The second copy shall be­ retained by the station for a period of at least 18 months.

(B)          Registered business which replace windshield inspection stickers shall furnish the operator of each vehicle in which they have replaced a windshield and affixed an inspection sticker an authorized "Receipt and Statement".  This form shall be made in duplicate, upon forms furnished by the Division of Motor Vehicles and a copy shall be retained by the person registered for a period of at least 18 months following the date the sticker is placed on the windshield.

(C)          Records available.  Each windshield replacement station shall maintain records required and such records shall be made available for inspection by any law enforcement officer, upon demand, during normal business hours.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-2; 20-39; 20-183.6;

Eff. October 1, 1994.