(a)  Authorized representatives of the Division, upon demand and display of proper credentials, shall be permitted by any carrier transporting, or authorized to transport, property or passengers over the public highways of North Carolina to examine the books, records, accounts, bills of lading, load sheets or manifests, or other records of such carrier relating to the transportation of property or passengers and the vehicles, terminals, buildings, and other equipment and facilities used by such carrier in such transportation business; and all such carriers shall instruct their drivers, agents and employees in charge of such records, equipment and facilities to permit such examination.

(b)  Representatives of the Division authorized to make inspections under the provisions of Chapter 20, Article 17 and these Rules shall be provided with a card of identification.  They shall have the right at any time to enter into or upon any motor vehicle being operated under Chapter 20, Article 17, and to which these Rules apply, including exempt for hire passenger vehicles, for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the provisions of the law and these Rules are being complied with.  Willful refusal of any carrier or driver of any such motor vehicle to stop or discontinue the use of any such motor vehicle until properly conditioned, when ordered to do so by any such representative, or to permit such representative to enter into or upon the same for the purpose aforesaid, shall be sufficient ground for the revocation of the violator's certificate or permit or exemption certificate, as the case may be.  Inspectors shall report all irregularities under this Rule to the Division.  The Division's jurisdiction under this Rule is extended to include bus stations, carriers' offices and garages.

(c)  No inspector or other agent of the Division shall knowingly and willfully divulge any fact or information which may come to his knowledge during the course of any such examination or inspection except to the Division or Utilities Commission or as may be directed by the Division or upon approval of request by the Utilities Commission or by a court or judge.


History Note:        Filed as a Temporary Rule Eff. February 11, 1986 for a period of 120 days to expire on

June 11, 1986;

Authority G.S. 20‑378;

Eff. April 1, 1986;

Transferred and Recodified from 19A NCAC 3D .0811 Eff. January 3, 1996.