19a ncac 03J .0308       REPORTS TO BE SUBMITTED

(a)  Every commercial driver training school offering a full program shall submit to the Division the following reports:

(1)           A schedule of classes for each licensing period.

(2)           A class roster as of the first day of class, which roster shall include the name, address, telephone number, and driver's license number of each student.

(3)           A copy of each student's contract(s).

(4)           A list of salesmen/recruiters working for the school (directly or indirectly) at the beginning of the licensing period, with additions or deletions to be filed within 30 days of such change.

(b)  Every commercial driver training school offering seminars only shall submit and obtain approval of a course plan as required in Rules .0201 and .0306 of this Subchapter at least 30 days prior to the class.  It shall also submit items in Subparagraphs (a)(1) and (a)(4) of this Rule.

(c)  Every commercial driver training school offering a "refresher course" shall submit in addition to the requirements of Paragraph (a) of this Rule, a seven-year driving record attached to each student's contract.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20-321; 20-322; 20-323; 20-324; 20-325;

Eff. May 1, 1987;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2002; August 1, 1998; April 1, 1997; January 1, 1994; February 1, 1991.