The license of any commercial driver training school may be suspended or revoked by the Division if the licensee violates any provision of Article 14, Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes, or if the licensee violates any rule adopted pursuant to that Article.  In addition, a license may be suspended or revoked for any one of the following reasons:

(1)           Conviction of the owner, manager, or any agent or employee of the school of a felony or conviction of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.

(2)           Knowingly submitting to the Division false or misleading information relating to eligibility for a license.

(3)           Evidence of substance abuse by the owner, manager, any agent, or employee of the school.

(4)           Failure or refusal to permit an authorized representative of the Division to inspect the school, equipment, records, or motor vehicles used to teach students or failure or refusal to furnish full information pertaining to any and all requirements set forth in the rules in this Subchapter or in the application for the license.

(5)           Failure to maintain licensed instructors or approved equipment sufficient to perform the course of instruction.

(6)           Employment of any instructor who is not licensed by the Division.

(7)           Failure of new owner to apply for and be licensed by the Division as a school under new ownership and also failure to notify the Division within the specified time of any change in management of the school.

(8)           Aiding or assisting any person to obtain a driver's license by fraud (revocation in this instance shall be permanent).

(9)           Unauthorized possession of application forms or examinations used by the Division to determine the qualification of an applicant for a driver's license.

(10)         Failure of the school to give the student a copy of his contract and also use by the school of a contract which has not been submitted to and approved by the Division of Motor Vehicles.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 20‑320; 20-321; 20-322; 20-323; 20-324; 20-325; 20-326; 20-327;

Eff. May 1, 1987;

Amended Eff. August 1, 2002; January 1, 1994.