(a)  In order to provide consistency and uniformity in the administration of all contracts, these the following guidelines including any subsequent amendments or editions of the same are hereby incorporated by reference as rules of the North Carolina Department of Transportation to be used as contract guidelines on non‑federally funded projects.  Policies in effect on the date a contract is entered into will govern the contract for the duration of the contract. Copies of the below listed items are available for inspection in the Office of the DOT Controller.

(b)  The guidelines hereby incorporated are:

(1)           Federal‑Aid Highway Program Manual which is available at no cost from the N.C. DOT Design Services Branch, P.O. Box 25201, Raleigh, NC  27611:


Volume                  Chapter                 Section                   Subsection


                     1                             4                             3                                                        Reimbursement for railroad

                                                                                                                                                work ‑ Issued 8‑5‑88


     1                             4                             5                                                        Payroll and related expense of

public employees; general administration and other overhead; and cost accumulation centers and distribution methods ‑ Issued 1‑26‑81


                     1                             7                             2                                                        Administration of negotiated

                                                                                                                                                contracts – Issued 1‑21‑80


                     4                             1                             2                                                        Administration of highways

planning projects ‑ Issued 11‑5‑86


     6                             6                             3                             1                        Utility relocations, adjustments

and reimbursements ‑ Issued 11‑11‑88


(2)           Code of Federal Regulations which is available from the US Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.  The cost for Title 48 Part 31.2 is thirty one dollars ($31.00).  The cost for Title 49 Part 18 is twenty dollars ($20.00).  The cost for Title 23 Part 172 is eighteen dollars ($18.00):


Title 48 Part 31.2                                                                                                                 Contracts with commercial organizations – Issued 4‑28‑89


Title 49 Part 18                                                                                                                    Uniform administrative requirements for grants and cooperative agreements with state and local governments (USDOT Common Rule) ‑ Issued 3‑11‑88


Title 23 Part 172                                                                                                                  Administration of Engineering and Design related services contracts -- Issued 4‑30‑91


(3)           Office of Management and Budget Circulars which are available from OMB Publications Office, Washington, DC 20503 at no cost:


OMB Circular A‑21                                                                                                            Cost principles for educational institutions -- Issued 3‑6‑79


OMB Circular A‑87                                                                                                            Cost principles for state and local governments -- Issued 1‑1‑81


OMB Circular A‑102, Attachment A‑O                                                                          Uniform administrative requirement for grants‑in‑aid to state and local governments -- Issued 1‑1‑81


OMB Circular A‑102 (Revised)                                                                                        Grants and cooperative agreements with state and local governments -- Issued 3‑11‑88


OMB Circular A‑110                                                                                                          Grants and agreements with institutions of higher education, hospitals and other non‑profit organizations -- Issued 7‑1‑76


OMB Circular A‑122                                                                                                          Cost principles for non‑profit organizations ‑ Issued 7‑80


OMB Circular A‑128                                                                                                          Audits of state and local governments ‑ Issued 4‑12‑85


OMB Circular A‑133                                                                                                          Audits of institutions of higher education and other non‑profit organizations -- Issued 3‑8‑90


OMB Compliance Supplements                                                                                       USDOT Programs only ‑ Issued 9‑90


(4)           Federal Transportation Administration Circulars which are available from FTA Publications Office, Washington, DC 20590 at no cost:


FTA     C     4220.1B                                                                                                          Third party contracting guidelines ‑ Issued 5‑5‑88


FTA     C     5700.1                                                                                                             Requirements and responsibilities indirect cost proposals/cost allocation plans for technical studies and capital grants-- Issued 5‑24‑83


FTA     C     7005.1                                                                                                             Documentation of private enterprise participation required for Section 3 & 9 programs ‑ Issued 12‑5‑86


FTA     C     7010.1                                                                                                             Capital cost of contracting ‑ Issued 12‑5‑86


(5)           Department of Treasury Circular which is available at no cost from the N.C. DOT External Audit Branch, P.O. Box 25201, Raleigh, NC  27611:


Circular 1075.1 Part 205                                                                                                    Withdrawal of cash from the Treasury for advances under Federal grant and other programs ‑ Issued 10‑14‑77


(6)           Federal Single Audit Act issued 10‑11‑84 (P.L. 98-502), which is available from GAO Document Center, Washington, DC  20548 at no cost.


History Note:        Authority G.S. 143B‑10; 143B‑348;

Eff. July 1, 1978;

Amended Eff. December 1, 1993; November 1, 1991;

Pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A, rule is necessary without substantive public interest Eff. October 24, 2015.